Saturday, March 10, 2012

Why me?

Lisa, Judith, Nancy and Jim at Ste. Anne's
Well, I've been back from my vacation and back at work now for three weeks.  Several times I've sat down with the intention of answering my own question (see previous blog); "Did two weeks doing nothing on a small Caribbean island allow me to relax?", and each time, something got in the way.  So, here it is, Saturday afternoon on a snow covered March day in my basement office in Grafton and I'm at my desk trying to decide whether I was relaxed three weeks ago.  Not an easy task, as it turns out. 

The trip itself was really nice.  Seadream House, as always, was wonderful.  We had invited some people to join us, and the comings and goings of our guests made life interesting for sure.  I booked myself a couple of massages with Bridget - I find that I need to kick start my body into relaxation mode some soft tissue manipulation.  But ultimately, the journey home still seems to knock any benefit out of me.  We took a ferry from Harbour Island to Nassau and spent a night in Nassau at the Sheraton so that we could catch a flight back to Toronto the next morning.  My mom wasn't feeling well for most of the trip home, and whatever she had, I got later on in the week. 

So, I had a lovely time, but at the end of it all, life marches on and I go back to the same old routines pretty quickly.  As much as I feel as though I should make changes and somehow find more meaning in my life, I haven't.  Which brings me to the reason for posing the question "Why me?" at the top of this blog.  This past week, David mentioned that a long time guest of ours was at Ste. Anne's with a friend.  This gave me a reason to drop by for a visit.  I can't remember the last time I saw Judith, but I would guess that she has been coming to Ste. Anne's for about 18 years.  Before long it was as though no time had passed.  She introduced me to her friend Nancy who she had brought to the spa to recover from the recent loss of her husband. 

Judith wanted to say hello to Massey, who happened to be in his usual spot in the back seat of my truck.  As I brought him in, I noticed Lisa, one of my favourite massage therapists, curled up on the sofa on a staff day spa.  It was then, as we posed for this picture that I thought, "Why me?  Why have I been so blessed with this wonderful life, full of wonderful people in a safe and beautiful part of the world?  Will I pay for this in the next life, or I am I being rewarded for the torment of a previous life?"  I didn't get an answer, so I went down to the farm and connected a grader to the back of the John Deere tractor and started the mindless task of working out some of the pot holes in the driveway.  Life is good.