Monday, July 30, 2012

My Public Transportation Adventure

After four years of mostly trouble free driving, a vehicle lease on a fine piece of German engineering came to an end.  I decided that I would drive the car back to the dealer in Newmarket and make my way home by public transportation.  I have several friends who just do not use public transportation for one reason or another, but I kind of like it, although living here in Grafton, there really isn't much opportunity to use it, other than the odd trip on VIA Rail. 

Well I have to tell you, I was very pleasantly surprised by my experience.  I boarded a VIVA (York Region Transportation) bus on Yonge Street and rode it to the Finch subway station, where I boarded the southbound Union Station Train.  I was hoping to make the 11:35 VIA Train to Cobourg, but through my own fault, it pulled out of the station as I was running along side it.  So, I ended up taking the Lakeshore East Go Train to Whitby where I was met by a friend for the trip home.  My pictures (above) include the big blue bus, the breathtakingly beautiful view of Lake Ontario between Pickering and Ajax, and lonely old me staring out the window of the GO Train.

The first few passengers on the bus were a little sketchy looking, but not scary.  But the bus quickly filled up with a vivid cross section of travellers, most of whom seemed to be heading for downtown Toronto.  It was particularly fun to listen in on conversations and people watch.  The whole trip was in spotlessly clean air conditioned comfort, surrounded by courteous people and modern electronic information systems, and cost me less than $15.  As I was rolling along I thought how easy it would be just to drop off my car keys, get on the bus and quietly slip into a new life.  But then, who would run the spa?

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Twenty years ago, when Ste. Anne's Spa was in her infancy, I attended a seminar in Montreal given by Dr. Deepak Chopra.  It was a life changing event for me.  Since then, the wisdom imparted by Dr. Chopra has helped to guide the me through many of life's difficult decisions, and has been at the foundation of what Ste. Anne's is today.  I have signed up for this event, starting at 1:30 tomorrow (Monday July 16th), and I hope that you will join me.  Let's do this together and see where it leads us . . .