Monday, August 18, 2014

Massie's Big Adventure

My dog has learned to do lots of tricks, but his best by far is when he lays on the sad eyes whenever he senses that I am going to leave him behind while I take a little holiday.  So recently, I have made an effort to bring him along where its practical.  Even still, he just jumps in the truck as if to say "Don't expect me to be all happy and tail wagging - this is just what I expect, oh, and would you happen to have a treat for me?"

This weekend, David was competing in the Mont Tremblant Ironman competition, so I booked us a dog friendly hotel and packed some kibble.  Massie has this nervous thing about shiny floors, and it seems as though every hotel lobby has a shiny floor.  He puts his head down, treads ever so cautiously, and darts from side to side.  This of course makes carrying luggage a little tricky, but it's only a warm up for the elevator shuffle.  I guess if I could get inside his head, I would also have trouble rationalizing this box that you get into, the rumble, the undefinable movement, and the whole new place when the door opens.

On our first night in the "summerized" ski village at Tremblant, we got Massie settled in the room with his food and some water while we went out to get a bite of human food.  Back come the sad eyes when he realizes that he is going to be left behind for a few hours.  But nothing prepared me for what would happen.  While we were at dinner, fireworks started.  Massie hates fireworks and thunder.  So I started to think that maybe I should return to the hotel to make sure he was OK.  Before I could get the check and leave, I got a call from the hotel.  Massie had let himself out of the room, and had made some friends in another room.  How a dog opens a door that swings inward is beyond me, but he did it.

The next day, we went out for a walk on the ski hill so that Massie could take care of a few bodily functions and explore every piece of grass where another dog had previously tinkled.  We came upon a gondola that provided transportation over the top of the hill to the casino.  Massie tentatively boarded the car, and off we went.  Again, I'm sure his little dog brain was having one heck of a time figuring this new series of sensations out, but he was pretty good.  He did stay close and held onto me for dear life, but I think he enjoyed the experience.

While Dave was doing his big athletic event, I thought I would explore Mt. Tremblant National Park.  I was hoping to find a trail that we could get some exercise on.  I was about 20 minutes into the park driving in my vehicle when a warden pulled me over to tell me that I had to leave the park because no dogs were allowed in this park.  Never heard of a park that you couldn't drive through with a dog.  We were given a police escort to the park entrance.  Massie was oblivious to the whole thing.

The picture above is Massie doing one of his favourite things on road trips.  He will put his nose against the window, which is to tell me to roll down the window so that he can take big gulps of air.  When he's had enough, he will do his most favourite thing and lie down, sprawled in the back seat until the next treat stop.

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